Words of Devotion

Kingdom of Nemi—Book 2

During the Dark Ages…

Beyli is a servant in The Great Library of Ag-Noth, a dark tower tucked away in the mountains. The nights are chilled and full of spirits who like to whisper in her ear about Kalum, the newest Master Owl, and how he preoccupies himself with matters far below the tower.

Perhaps this is why Kalum is so silent and withdrawn, why he’s changed so much since they first met.

And why he refuses Beyli’s other services no matter how often she offers herself to him.

Still, she can’t help being drawn to him and his strange violet eyes. Dare she say it, she cares for him. That’s why she can’t quite bring herself to accept that he’d rather pleasure himself with an ancient book than be with her.

This story contains: MF pairing, book fetish, a ghost, a god, some elements of horror.

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