The Acolyte of Ag-Noth

Kingdom of Nemi Series (Book 1)

During the Dark Ages…

Kalum is an Owl, a well respected scholar who has worked far too much for far too long. Hired by the King for a new assignment, Kalum is intrigued until he arrives at the Great Library of Ag-Noth, a dark tower in the mountains, where the nights are chilled and full of strange sounds, and the cramped rooms trigger his claustrophobia.

After learning he must search for books on the most darkest of magics, he begins to question the sanity of his King. The information he is meant to search for proves impossible to find. The Master of the Library refuses to help. And a mysterious woman with golden hair and golden skin pleasures herself unashamedly with the books, a woman he’s told is the spirit of an ancient Acolyte—a notion he can’t quite bring himself to believe.

Can Kalum endure another night in the tower in pursuit of knowledge for a King he’s begun to doubt? And why has he become so deeply aroused by this mysterious woman, who leaves books for him to find? But more importantly, can Kalum endure his fears long enough to satisfy her needs and acquire the most arcane knowledge of all?

This story contains: book fetish, a ghost, a god, ritual and initiation, some elements of horror.

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