Hello my Beauties,

My name is Keely Lush. I’ve enjoyed writing erotica since my teenage years, with tastes ranging from old Victorian erotica to the political satire of Marquis de Sade and the beautiful sensual musings of Anais Nin.

These days, my head spins with fantasy erotica, stories told in secondary worlds with a blend of fairy tales and gods and monsters and political intrigue. Some stories are darker than others. Some contain fetish. If that sounds like something you need to start reading now, begin with The Acolyte of Ag-Noth, the first book in the Kingdom of Nemi series.

My stories usually involve consensual sexual encounters between sentient beings, whether they are human, fairy, vampire, god, demon, et al. Style and tone will range from the soft and strange to the graphic and absurd. Some stories may feature one sexual orientation, while others will feature several.

Oh, and Happy Endings are a must. 🙂

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